Best Dart Board Wall Protection 2023: What to Put Behind It

Are you worried about those mss darts and the condition of the wall while playing dart board? Don’t know what to put behind a dart board to protect wall so you can retain the beauty of the home even after lots of missed hits? 

In this case, some affordable and easy-to-apply options are dartboard cabinets, dartboard surround, and Wooden Boards. Read on to get a quick idea of a wall protector that you can put behind a dart board. 

What to Put Behind a Dart Board to Protect the Wall

No matter whether you are a professional or amateur, some darts might hit the wall instead of a dart board and cost you expensive repairs. However, you can avoid frequent repairing of walls by following these tricks:

  • Dartboard Cabinet

A good dartboard will not only protect your wall from the missed dart, but it’ll also give a decent and smooth bar vibe. You can use dartboard for other purposes as well. 

Though the dartboard cabinet can’t protect the whole wall, still it’s an aesthetically pleasing way to get a professional look while protecting the wall around the dartboard. Dartboard cabinets are available in various sizes where the bigger the size, the more coverage of the wall. 

However, a dartboard cabinet might not be a good choice for beginners who have an inconsistent aim. Hence, you can utilize a dartboard cabinet with other alternatives.

  • Dartboard Surround

It is also a perfect way to protect walls and dart tips from causing damage. The Dartboard surround has a foam ring that you can place around it and offer extra coverage to the wall. In addition, you won’t need to go through any installation or mounting as you can put it on the wall directly and remove it from the wall after completing the game. 

A stray dart will hit the foam and stop it from falling to the floor. While a 1-inch thick dartboard surround is better, you should go with bigger sizes if prefer. 

  • Wooden Boards

When it comes to wooden boards, you can choose between salvaged wood or wooden planks where planks will keep your wall safer from stray darts. Another reason to recommend a wooden board is that it’ll protect the dart’s tip from damage. 

  • Plywood

Plywood is an affordable, easily accessible, and straightforward solution for protecting walls. You can also paint it and give it a very neat look. Instead, you can use a 4′ x 4′ plywood and cover it in the carpet. This way the carpet will catch the darts even if the plywood can’t.

  • Ceiling Tiles

You can also use ceiling tiles to protect your wall while playing dart board. It’s considerably easy to install. 

Final words

As you can see, there are lots of things you can put behind a dart board to protect the wall. Apart from the protector we’ve discussed above, you can also try Cork Bulletin Board, Styrofoam, or Old Clothes based on your preferences, budget, and skill level. But don’t ignore these essentials before start practicing dart board or you can damage the wall and beauty of the home.

Additional Questions

What can be placed behind a dartboard to secure and protect the wall?

An ideal way to shield your wall from stray darts smacks is by placing a backerboard, specifically made using real wine corks, behind the dartboard. Not only is it an efficient solution for protection during play, but it also adds visual appeal, especially in a bar, gaming room or man cave environment. The unique backerboard I’m showcasing is meticulously constructed with several authentic wine corks (no synthetic ones), firmly glued onto a solid wooden frame.

How should dart holes in the wall be efficiently repaired?

First off, fill the holes with a good quality spackle, and let it dry completely. Post drying, using a sander, you’d want to smoothen the surface until it’s perfectly flat and aligned with the rest of the wall. The final step includes applying a light layer of paint on the patched surface to ensure it seamlessly merges with the surrounding wall space, giving it a fresh, intact look. Drawing from personal experience, always aim for a paint match as closely as possible to the original wall color for a flawless finish.

What is suitable for a dartboard surround?

What color background is best compatible with a dartboard?

Based on the fundamental rule of contrast and focus, a solid black background is predominantly preferred for a dartboard. It facilitates optimal concentration on the dart board due to the contrasting color, thereby assisting in enhancing your game. Remember that the key here is to avoid distractions and, from my experience, a solid black backdrop does a phenomenal job in keeping your focus intact.

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