Understanding Doubles in Darts 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Every game has shortcut ways to score and finish the game quickly including darts. And knowing what is a double in darts will help you reveal the mystery to score max to reach zero before the opponent.  As the name suggests, double is a section that will give you twice the number by hitting on it.  Read on to get detail and tips to improve your skill on hitting double. 

What is a Double in Darts?

In the darts game, the double indicates the dartboard’s thin section made up of the outer ring. As the name suggests, double count for twice the number you’ll hit. For instance, by hitting the double section of 16 with your darts, you’ll score 32 instead of 16. The bullseye’s center red dot is referred to the as double bull which will let you score 50 by hitting with darts.

Doubles are vital in darts to complete the game of 501 and need to land the final dart on a double to win the game. Hitting this double will give you hundreds of point leads to your opponent. And if you can’t hit the double, your opponent will take the chance. 

How to Practice Doubles

If you want to be a master of darts game, you have to be able to hit the doubles. Consistent practice will let you hit doubles frequently to get a better performance across the board and take you close to the legs. 

When it comes to improving at darts, repetition is key. Following are some helpful tips to practice hitting doubles:

  • Bob’s 27

If you are looking for the most popular practice games to improve doubles, try this one. In bob’s 27, you have to start with a score of 27 and your target is to make your way around the board by hitting doubles. Even you have to hit double using all your three darts. 

You’ll add the score to 27 every time you’ll hit double. Likewise, a miss hit will reduce the double amount from the score. That’ll keep going until you complete all around the board or score zero. 

  • Doubles lock

This is another excellent double practice game that can help you improve accuracy on doubles. The game offers three darts per double to practice and it keeps going from 20 to 1. You can only move to the next target by hitting a double. 

You can lock the double out of the rotation by hitting all three darts on the double. Otherwise missing all the darts will cause you to start the game.  And this’ll keep going until you lock the whole doubles on the board. To reach your destination, stay persistent and focused.

Final Words

Knowing what is a double in darts and practicing hitting the darts is a great way to be a master of this game. However, you’ll require practice and dedication to get the exact aim to hit the double every time you’ll throw darts. In this case, playing those two game help you reach the goal quickly and conveniently.

Additional Questions

How does double-in work in darts?

Double-in in darts is a rule where the first player must land a dart in any of the doubles on the dartboard before they can start counting towards their score. As an illustration, if a player throws a single 20, then a double 20 and a single 20 again, they would acquire a score of 60. With years of experience in playing darts, the accuracy and consistency to land darts on doubles come naturally.

How do I get better at doubles in darts?

To enhance your performance at doubles in darts, practice is paramount. Perfecting your aiming technique, maintaining a consistent throw, and familiarizing yourself with the board can significantly improve your game. Additionally, understand and exploit the mathematical aspect of darts, divide the board into sectors and concentrate on them one at a time. This sport requires time and patience, but with diligent practice, the precision required for hitting doubles will enhance.

What are the rules for double-in double out darts?

Double-In/Double-Out in a game of darts stipulates that a player must commence and conclude the game with a double. This version of the game sees the double-bull activated, where the red bull scores 25 points while the black bull scores 50 points, with the black bull being regarded as a double. This rule adds an intriguing level of complexity and challenge to the game, testing the precision and strategy of players.

Why is double 16 the best?

Many darts players, including myself, favor Double 16. The main attraction lies in the fact if you accidentally hit within the single area, you still have the option to finish – with double 8, double 4 and so forth. This gives players a safety net and encourages more calculated risks, making it an exciting part of the game.

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