Winning iMessage Darts 2023: Top Strategies Revealed

Can’t beat your opponent and get defeated every time playing darts on iMessage? Want to know how to win darts on iMessage? Unfortunately, there is no hack to win on iMessage except by practicing and making the aim more accurate. 

However, you can follow some tips to improve your skill on darts and create a new gesture to reduce points more speedily and win the game. Read on to get detail.

How to Win Darts on Imessage

Darts is a very popular and entertaining game. However many people don’t get enough time to this game physically, particularly with a buddy. In this case, playing darts on iMessage is the smart way to make fun with the long-distanced beloved one from any place and whenever you want. It is also as effortless as physical and you can play it at a convenient time as it can be paused till you make your turn. 

But if you want to dominate against your component, you might look for a way to win darts in iMessage every time you’ll play. In this case, you can win at darts in multiple ways. For example, you can either concentrate on scoring more points than the opponent or try to take out the board’s certain segments to win the game. 

The best way to win the darts on iMessage is to be comfortable with the game plan and remain stuck to it throughout the end of the game.

The common rule of winning the darts on iMessage is to aim the darts toward the segments that have the highest number of points. And the first player to reach zero will win the game. 

Tips to Get Maximum Score in Darts

You can get a maximum score on iMessage by creating a new gesture from your iPhone. To do this:

Go to the settings option on your iPhone and follow this cycle:

Accessibility → Assistive Touch → Create a New Gesture.

Create a gesture that ends in the dartboard’s segment. To make an accurate target, remember the position whether the segment placed on the screen.

After finding the gesture, save it and then launch the game.

You’ll notice a touch button appear on the screen. Apply the gesture by clicking on the touch button and score the highest points.


What’s the easiest dart game you can play?

The 301 is possibly the easiest dart game you can play. Every player starts this game with 301 points and the target is to reduce the score to zero before the opponent. You can reduce points by hitting the bullseye or throwing a dart into the triple ring or double. 

What are the five rules of the dart?

The most common five rules of the dart are:

  • Keep the hand behind the ball all the time.
  • Use continuous throwing motion.
  • Point the elbow through the target.
  • Follow through with the throw.
  • Keep the back and waist straight.

Can you throw all three darts at a time?

Yes. However, it’s not an easy task and requires some practice.

Final Words

Playing darts on iMessage with dear ones is always fun. However, sometimes it hurt if you lose particularly everything. In this case, knowing some hacking on how to win darts on iMessage can help get the smile back on your face. To give the best performance on your virtual darts game, keep practicing it continuously as practice makes a man perfect.

Additional Questions

Can you secure a victory in darts by hitting a bullseye?

Yes, it is very possible to clinch a victory in the games of 501 and 301 in darts with a well-aimed bullseye. In these particular games, the bullseye is accorded double the score value. This means that if you are on a remaining score of 50, your game could be delightfully finished if you succeed in aiming your dart perfectly in the bullseye. As a frequent player, there have been quite a number of times I have taken the win with that satisfying thud of the dart into the bullseye.

What is the winning method in a game of darts?

To claim the win in a dart game, you have to be the first to drop your score to exact zero before the other player manages it. But the catch here is that your score can only be reduced to zero with a double. This means that the dart you successfully land that brings your score to the magical zero should hit either the narrow scoring band – a double – on the outside or the small bullseye at the center, which brings you a ripe 50 points. Several experiences of my own have proven that a well-timed double can be a game-winning move. Remember, it’s all about the perfect aim.

If your remaining score is just 3 points, how do you win a game of darts?

If you find yourself with only three points remaining, the first dart you throw should steer clear from Treble 1. Busts happen, but it’s always a hard pill to swallow. I have been there and learned it the hard way. Similarly, you should avoid the Double 1 with your first dart as it could lead to a bust as well, which can be even more exasperating! So, the art of winning with a meagre score left lies in the smart throwing of your first dart.

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