Best Beer Darts Rules 2023: The Ultimate Play Guide

Want to feel the excitement and fun of the beer darts game while enjoying the flavor of your favorite beer but don’t know the basic rule? Let’s understand how to play beer darts. Beer darts is a simple game and all its needs is to hit the opponent’s beer and let him drink all the beer can to get win it. let’s get the basic process of playing beer darts with some variations.

How to Play Beer Darts

Following are two basic steps of playing beer darts and some variations:

  • Set up the Game

Playing beer darts requires a minimum of two-player or two teams. So find your opponent to play with. After having an opponent, set two chairs facing both of you maintaining 10 feet distance between them. 

Then place cardboard in front of both chairs so it can protect you and your opponent’s legs from darts. There is another job of cardboard in the game. It needs to move in front of its legs during playing beer darts. 

Then put an unopened beer can facing the chair and decide who’ll go first by slipping a coin. After that divide all the darts between both of you and make sure each of you has at least two darts. Take both of your seats as beer darts can be played in a sitting position.

  • Play the Game

If you want the coin, throw a dart into the opponent’s beer can. Remember, you should remain seated while tossing the dart. If your dart doesn’t hit the can, let the opponent throw it. if your opponent hits your beer can with his dart, you have to drink the entire beer. 

And then replace the can with a new one to continue the game. The play who will drink three beers first will lose the game. After winning the game, you can set out a new beer can to start the game. 

  • Try Variations

You can customize the rule of this beer darts game to boost its fun and excitement. Following are some tips to make a change:

  • You can play the beer darts game in a standing position if prefer or don’t have chairs around. 
  • Instead of drinking the entire beer after your opponent hit it, drink it down till it is level with the hole. then place the beer can in its position and continue the game.
  • If you want to make the game harder or more challenging, extend the distance between the chairs. 
  • Sometimes the beer can don’t get punctured even after being hit by the darts. In this case, you can force your opponent to drink the beer to speed up the game.

Final Words

Beer darts is an extremely funny, exciting, and easy-to-play game using a limited number of essentials including the chair, darts, and beer can. Even a large number of people can play this beer darts game (when are on tour, park, or meeting on various occasions) by dividing between two teams. After knowing how to play beer darts, hope now you can set the game properly and enjoy its fun with your beloved or friend.

Additional Questions

What are the rules of beer darts?

The participants in a game of beer darts need to attempt to hit their competitor’s beer can with a dart. If an opponent manages to puncture your beer can, you must open it and consume the contents in one go. Following this, your can is replaced with a fresh, unopened one. As a seasoned player, I can attest that this rule adds an exciting and slightly nerve-wracking element to the game!

How far away should beer darts be?

Typically, the two halves of a beer dart game should be positioned about 10 feet apart on the ground. However, if you’re feeling bold and want to elevate the challenge, don’t hesitate to increase the distance. Throughout my years of playing, I’ve often found that extending the distance can add a fun, unexpected challenge to the game.

How to play darts 15 to 20?

This question relates to a version of the game called Cricket. In Cricket, the objective is to hit each scoring segment, numbered between 15 and 20, three times. If you hit a segment labelled 1-14, your throw does not count. Ensure you maintain a tally of scores – you can find a scoreboard next to your dart board, or improvise with a piece of paper. As someone who has played many exciting rounds of Cricket, I can verify that this thrilling rule keeps players on their toes at all times.

How do you play darts with alcohol?

In the fun-filled game of Beer Darts, if a player hits their own number, they must take a drink and remove one tally from the board. In the event that they hit a double (the outermost circle on the board), they are required to consume two drinks and erase two tallies. Hitting a triple (the circle closest to the center of the board) implies consumption of three drinks. As an experienced player, I can affirm that playing darts with alcohol adds an unpredictable twist to the game, making each round a unique experience.

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