Best Dart Board Height 2023: The Official Measurement Guide

Can’t find the right height to mount your dart board on the wall? Wondering how high is the dart board supposed to be. Hanging dart board is extremely simple as only needs to follow the standard regulations and it is 5’8’’ from the floor to the bull’s eye.  If you are seeking the details including the kid’s dartboard mounting height and the perfect place to hang, read on.

How high is the Dart Board supposed to be?

The height to mount a dartboard varies depending on the type of dartboard. However, the official height of a dart board is 5’8’’ from the floor to the bull’s eye.  It’s an eye-level 6’ tall dart player. 

If you are playing the game with soft tip darts, your throw line should be 7’9 ¼’’ from the board’s face. But if you are playing with steel tip darts, you should increase the distance to 8’. Remember, this distance is from the board’s face and excludes the distance between the board’s face and the wall. 

Before measuring the height of the dartboard to hand, make sure the wall is straight using a calibrated spirit level.  If the wall is straight, then measure the height using a ruler on the spirit level or measuring tape.

Following are the height of the bullies of different dart boards:

  • Classic dart board with steel dart: 173 cm
  • Electronic dartboard with a soft dart: 173 cm.
  • Dart Board’s Height for a Child

A general rule is that you should hang a dart board at the player’s nose height aligned with the board’s center. In this case, you have to determine the right height for the dart board for your kids so he/she can play darts comfortably. The processes are:

  • Stand your child up tall.
  • Measure the height of your kid’s center nose from the floor.
  • Note the measurement.

Though the standard dartboard’s height is 5’8’’ from the floor to the board’s center, it’ll be far too tall for your child. So apply the manual measurement to set up the kid’s dartboard so they can play comfortably.

  • Best Place to Hang a Dart Board

Find an open wall space to hang your dartboard to avoid darts from going awry. In addition, don’t hang the dartboard glass, door, or other fragile items to avoid causing injury. Instead choose an open space like a game room, basement, or outside in the backyard. 

The space should be 11’ long and 5’ wide. Dart can even bounce more than 8’ from the bullseye. Hence you should have proper accommodations. You can also hang the dartboard on the plywood to protect the wall from darts.

Final Words

Knowing how high is the dart board supposed to be is crucial to set up the dartboard perfectly and enjoying its fun. Though you can follow the standard rule for hanging adult dartboards, it’s better to measure the right height for a kid’s dartboard. Lastly, keep the machine level and use a wall protector for safety.

Additional Questions

What is the standard height from the floor to the bullseye on a dartboard?

The bullseye of a dartboard should ideally be positioned at a height of 5 feet 8 inches from the floor. This standard height is universally adopted in dart games, including the game of 501, where the aim is for a player or a team to start from a total of 501 and be the first to reach zero.

How large should a dartboard box or cabinet be?

A dartboard cabinet typically has dimensions of 37″ x 30.25″ x 7.25″. The space that is specifically allocated for the dartboard itself is about 31 ¼” tall, 25” wide, and 2 7/8” deep. Please note that these dimensions do not include the dartboard and the darts. These measurements ensure that the dartboard fits perfectly into the cabinet and allows for appropriate spacing of scoring elements and dart storage.

At what height should a dartboard cabinet be mounted?

In order to meet official standards like those in league play, the bullseye on a dartboard in a cabinet should be hung at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, or 68 inches, from the floor. By keeping your dartboard at this height, you adhere to regulation standards and ensure fair, competitive play. Previously, I’ve competed in several leagues and can confirm these regulations.

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