Dartboard Distance 2023: Proper Measurements Revealed

Setting up a dart board and maintaining its standard rules is a crucial yet simple process. If you don’t know how far from the dartboard, keep reading. Typically you should stand 7’9 1/4 “or 8’ from the dart board based on the type of dart you are using. Read on to get detail.

How Far From the Dartboard

If you want to be a pro at dart or enjoy the most exciting of it, you should set up the board at the right position based on its regulations. If you’ve decided where to place the dartboard, start measuring it first. 

In this case, you’ll require a measurement tape to get an accurate result. in terms of method, there is a standard way to set up the dartboard, eliminating the need of being confused.

  • Height

When planning to set up your board, measuring the right height is your first step. According to the official regulations, your dartboard should be 5’8” from the ground. This measurement applies to both plastic-tipped and steel-tipped darts. 

Remember, this measurement isn’t from the board’s bottom. Instead, it starts from the center of the dartboard or bullseye. To get an accurate measurement, you can take the aid of your friend. 

  • Distance from the Board

In this section, you’ll get the answer of how far from the dartboard. After determining the height, mark the place where you have to stand during playing. It’s called oche. 

Determining the right throwing distance will prevent any player from taking an unfair advantage while playing dart board. In addition, maintaining the right distance during practicing will help you maintain worldwide regulation when you’ll participate in global effects. 

The right distance to stand from the dart board is varied based on the type of dart. While you have to stand 7’9 1/4 “ away from the dartboard’s surface when playing with a steel-tipped dart, 8’ is recommended for playing with plastic-tipped darts.

Remember, this distance starts from the thickness of the dartboard instead of the wall. Hence you have to consider the thickness of the dartboard while measuring the right distance. 

  • Distance from the Bullseye

You can also find out the right distance to stand by measuring from the bullseye to the oche. This will create a diagonal line. However, the standard distance is 9’7 3/8”.

Final Words

Standing at the right distance and mounting the dartboard at the right height is crucial to practice so you don’t get nervous or face an annoying situation when participating in any tournament. 

In addition, knowing how far from dart board will help maintain its standard difficulty level while too close or far may disturb you from changing the ground. Once you get the standard measurement, simply maintain them and are prepared to conquer the world.

Additional Questions

How do you measure distance on a dartboard?

Distance on a dartboard is typically measured from the face of the dartboard to the toe line or oche. The measurement is typically done using a tape measure. This standard distance, according to rules from the World Darts Federation, is 7 feet 9.25 inches in length. It’s crucial that this distance is accurate since it is a standardized distance used in all professional dart games.

Having spent a lot of time playing darts and setting up dart games, I can't emphasize enough how essential maintaining the correct measurement is. An extra inch or two can significantly alter the path of the darts and affect scores, ultimately making the game unfair. Therefore, always ensure you have a reliable tape measure with you and counter-check your measurements.

Keep in mind, when taking these measurements from the face of the dartboard, digress from measuring from the wall. Depending on the dartboard's size and how it's hung, this could add extra unwanted distance. Remember, precision is key here, and it's what separates a good game of darts from a great one.

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