Darts of Fury Cricket 2023: How to Play – Quick Guide

Cricket on darts of fury is one of the most challenging, strategic, and super fun. In addition, dart cricket is quite difficult to explain and play as well. If you ask me how do you play cricket on dart of fury, I have a quite short and simple explanation. 

That’ll give you a basic understanding so you can start playing this strategic game that requires adequate practice to become a master. 

How do you Play Cricket on Darts of Fury?

Cricket on darts of fury is all about deciding if you are going to open, close or score in every round depending on the return of the opponent. The overall target of cricket is to get more points than the opponent once number 15 to 20.

The essential requirements are:

  • Minimum three darts
  • Dartboard
  • Pen and paper to note the score


To score in cricket, you have to throw three darts at the dartboard to hit through 15 to 20 and the bullseye. Hitting other numbers except those won’t give you any points. Cricket on darts of furry needs every player to close out the number and the bullseye 3 times before the opponent finishes the game. 

Hitting the number’s outer ring will give you two points while hitting the inner ring will give you three points. However, if you aim for the bullseye, you‘ll have one for hitting the outer ring and two for hitting the inner circle. 

In addition, hitting the inner ring of 15 will close it out for you. If you close out a number before your opponent, you can begin racking up a point each time hitting that number until the opponent closes it out. But if you and your opponent reach close out a number, both of you won’t be in play and neither of you can score points on it. If you close out the board with equal or greater points, you’ll win the game. 

Final Words

Playing cricket on darts of fury isn’t too much complicated as you would think. However, its needs to make note of the scores you’ll make on the dartboard to make the game simpler. In this case, set up the scoreboard with a chart of three sections on a piece of paper and mark the number that you hit. And you’ll win the game if gets more points with all the closed-out numbers than your challengers.

Additional Questions

How do you play Cricket darts of fury?

You participate in Cricket Darts of Fury by alternating turns with your opponent, hurling three darts at the dartboard during each turn. You aim to strike the numbers 15 through 20 and the bullseye. Strikes to any other number will not affect the game’s progression. An important rule to remember is that each player is required to “close out” numbers, which involves hitting each number (15-20) and the bullseye thrice before concluding the game’s entire round. I’ve played this sport for years and, trust me, it’s as challenging as it is entertaining!

How do you play darts step by step?

Beginning a game of darts entails throwing three darts per round, ensuring each dart lands within the numbers 15 to 20 on the board or the bullseye. Thereto that, any strike outside of these particular zones will be disregarded and won’t affect the flow of the game. This continues until each player manages to successfully close out the numbers, which means that they have struck each number (15 through 20) and the bullseye three times. As a seasoned player, I can assure you that patience and steady aiming will get you through each game.

What is the best strategy for Cricket darts?

A reliable game plan for excelling in Cricket Darts involves focusing your aim on the highest numbered targets first, leaving the bullseye for the finale. The reason behind this strategy is that a player stands the chance of racking up the points sooner if they close out the 20 before the 15. This method, which I’ve honed through years of competitive play, can optimize your score increment rapidly, thus giving you a competitive edge.

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