The Best Dartboard Cover Of 2023: Top Picks and Guide

Dartsfella, you might be wondering, “why would you need a dartboard cover?” and “what’s the usage of it?”. Keep reading to find out all of the answers.

Dartboard cover protects dartboard from harmful conditions such as dust, moisture, heat, etc. On the other hand, the dart board cover gives a unique look to the dart board cabinet. Here, I’ve listed the best dartboard covers according to different categories.

So, for your dartboard protection or to give a stunning look to your dartboard, buy the suitable dartboard cover from below:


Outdoor dartboard cover
Key Features
1. Covermates Dartboard Cover ✅Weather-resistant
✅Middle buckle strapVi
✅ Auto-locking drawcord
2. Deosk Dartboard Cover ✅ Water-resistant
✅ Fitted elastic
✅ Dustproof
Dartboard cabinet cover
1. IgnatGames Dart Board Cabinet cover ✅ Three elegant cover options
✅ LED lighting system
✅ Modern locking system
2. King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet cover ✅ Vintage style
✅ Scoreboard
✅ Easy mounting system

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Outdoor dartboard cover

Covermates Dartboard Cover Review

Size: 18-24 inches (46-61 cm)
Weight: 0.39-0.64 Pounds (0.18-0.29 Kg)
Material: Vinyl or Polyester
Color: Various
Rate: 4.4 star

Covermates Dartboard Cover - DartsFella

Covermates dartboard cover is perfect for any outdoor dartboard. This reliable outdoor dart board cover is made of high-quality premium polyester (300D, 600D, or 900D) or vinyl which are eco–friendly, PVC-free, fade-resistant, and water-resistant. Plus, it offers plenty of unique features for long-term usage.

The drawcord elastic hem of this portable dart board cover is auto-locking providing a proper fitting. Also, the seams binding are double stitched, and the central buckle strap offers extra durability and safety. Moreover, its water-resistant seam binding protects the dart board from any watery situations. Besides, this outside dartboard cover has great resistance to cracking, tearing, and scratching.

It is designed to protect the dartboard from sunlight, humidity, rainfall, or snowfall. Furthermore, this dartboard protector is constructed with a botanical or ripstop, or floral (mostly) pattern that gives it superb strength.

You can easily use and carry this outdoor dartboard cover anywhere. Also, your dartboard will remain dust-free means you’ll not have to clean it regularly. Moreover, it will increase your outdoor dart board performance as well as its durability and longevity.

However, for the standard dartboards, it appears a bit big. In this case, use the attached strings to tighten the cover.

This waterproof dartboard cover comes with a lavish design and fits 18 to 24-inch sized dartboard comfortably.

If you leave your dart board unprotected, it may expose to uncertain conditions (dust, rain, or heat). As a result, your precious outdoor dart board will damage soon enough. So, to save your outdoor dartboard from permanent damage, purchase covermates outdoor dartboard cover right now and give your outdoor dartboard ultimate protection.

+ Fits dartboard properly

+ Heat-resistant

+ Dustproof and waterproof

+ Great design and look

– Big for a few dartboards

Deosk Dartboard Cover Review

Size: 18-24 inches (46-61 cm)
Weight: 0.65 Pounds (0.3 Kg)
Material: Polyester
Color: Black
Rate: 4.3 star

Deosk Dartboard Cover - DartsFella

Another ideal outdoor dartboard cover is the Deosk dartboard cover. It is constructed with top standard polyester 420D oxford fabric that is dustproof and waterproof, ensuring great protection for an outdoor dartboard in any outside condition. Plus, it’s quite durable and improves dartboards lifespan.

This protective cover got an elastic rope which helps to fit the dartboard properly. Additionally, this outdoor dartboard rain cover is fade resistance and wind resistance. Even through harsh weather such as rain and storms, your dart board will be completely fine.

The manufacturer also added a storage bag with a dartboard cover. Usually, this dartboard waterproof cover comes only in black color. However, if you’re not happy with this cover, you can get a refund or a replacement by contacting them.

This dartboard cover for the outside fits outdoor dart boards with a diameter of 18 to 24 inches.

The outside weather is vulnerable to your dart board. Even before you realize it, your unprotected outdoor dartboard can be damaged both aesthetic and structural. In this case, this lightweight dart board cover comes handy as it protects the dartboard from water, stain, winds, heat, and dirt all year long.

So, buy this cheap dartboard cover and ensure top-notch protection for your dartboard. Now, enjoy outdoor dart games without any worry about your dartboard’s safety.

+ Quality material built

+ Good elasticity

+ Low cost

– Only one-color

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Dartboard cabinet cover

IgnatGames Dart Board Cabinet cover review

: 20.08 x 21.65 x 5.12 inches (51 x 55 x 13 cm)
Weight: 17.06 pounds (7.74 Kg)
Material: Wood
Color: Various
Rate: 4.5 star

gnatGames Dart Board Cabinet Set - DartsFella

Ignatgames dart board cabinet is a stylish dartboard cover. It’s an awesome gift choice.

This wooden dart board cabinet lasts for a long time and performs splendidly. Plus, it provides various features such as magnetic scoreboards, lighting and locking system (LED), etc.

Here, the LED lighting system gives darters great visibility while darting. Use it by plugging or connecting with a laptop/power bank. Also, it got dart holders that store darts as well as keep them safe and protected. Furthermore, the mounting system of this dartboard cabinet is quite easy; any standard dartboard will fit comfortably.

This dart board cabinet cover design offers three stylish options. In addition, Ignatgames included throw-line, markers, and mounting kits. Unfortunately, there is no dart board included.

You may face problems with the light’s cord and plug. Moreover, be patient while assembling it may take a while.

This beautiful dartboard cabinet is ideal to use in the man cave, game room, or home bar. You can also use it in your backyard, basement, or garage.

Along with indoor places, it’s a great fit for outside spaces too. However, outside conditions like rain and humidity are not suitable for it. In this case, apply the outdoor dartboard cover from above to protect this lavish dartboard.

If you’re looking for a dartboard cabinet with a gorgeous cover design, this ignatgames dart board cabinet cover is perfect.

+ Well designed

+ Gorgeous artwork

+ Giftable

+ Easy to install

– Heavy

King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet cover Review

: 3.25 x 20 x 25 inches (8.23 x 51 x 63.5 cm)
Weight: 16.58 Pounds (7.5 Kg)
Material: Engineered Wood
Color: Brown
Rate: 4.2 star

Kings Head Dark Wood Dartboard Cabinet Set - DartsFella

A vintage dartboard cover that protects dartboard as well.

King’s head dart board cabinet case is quite sturdy as it’s built of solid wood. The manufacturer offers an 18 Inch paper dartboard and six darts (steel tip) along with the cabinet. They also include mounting hardware, an eraser, and chalk.

In addition, there are two chalkboards mounted on the cabinet doors for collecting cricket scores. And it mounts on the wall easily. Furthermore, this dartboard cabinet comes with eye-catching Kings Head Pub & Lodging art, which perfectly matches any décor and wall.

On the contrary, the dartboard and darts are not good enough; ideal for casual usage. So, consider upgrading the dartboard and darts set.

This excellent dartboard cover will be a great addition to a game room, man cave, basement, backyard, or pub. While using it outside, apply an outdoor dart board cover for safety.

So, if you’re into classic design, then go for this cheap dart board cabinet.

+ Elegant design

+ Great looks

+ Cost-effective

– Low-quality dart board

Dartboard cover buying guide

Now, you know how to protect your dart board from outside weather with an outdoor dartboard cover or choose a stylish dartboard cover. So, the next question that comes up is what to look after while buying a dartboard cover. Well, you’ll be needed to check a few simple things.


The most important detail to know is what the dartboard cover is made of. The dart board cover material indicates its resistance to outside conditions, durability, etc.

Generally, for outdoor dart board covers, high-quality polyester is used. On the other hand, strong wood is used in most dart board cabinets.

Size & weight

Check the size and weight of the dartboard cover before buying. Sometimes, the cover became oversized or tight for the dartboard. Generally, the cabinets are heavy, and the outdoor covers are lightweight.


It’s quite beneficial to know what features does the product offers. It helps customers with easy usage.

The outdoor dartboard cover and cabinet cover provide many unique features. Here, in this article, I’ve listed dartboard covers key features in short for you.😉


The manufacturers include many things, along with the dart board cover. So, check what comes with the products.

Usually, many useful things such as darts, dartboard, throw-line, etc are included with the dartboard cabinet cover.


How can I protect my dartboard?

With a dartboard cover, you can easily protect your dartboard. When you’re not using it, wrap the whole dartboard with the dart board cover. Thus, your dart board will stay protected from dust, sun, and water all the time.

Can the dart board cabinet be used outside?

Yes. But preferable in warm conditions because the outside humidity can damage it quickly. However, you can use the outdoor dart board cover for safety.

What is the best material for an outdoor dartboard cover?

Polyester is most commonly used. This material has great resistance to fade, UV, heat, and water make it best for outside purposes.


The dartboard cover ensures great protection for a dartboard from outside weather. Products included here have a great design as well as unique functionality.

In the final analysis, the best overall is the covermates Dartboard Cover. Also, you can’t ignore the excellent IgnatGames dart board cabinet cover.

So, purchase the right one and enjoy outside dart games stress-free. Happy Darting.

Additional Questions

What is the best dartboard on the market?

The best dartboard available in the market can vary according to personal preferences and the level of expertise in the dart game. But, it is advisable to opt for high-quality models that offer durability, craftsmanship, and enhanced accuracy.

What is the most popular dart board?

The popularity of a dartboard relies heavily on factors such as durability, quality of materials, level of precision it offers, and its affordability. Nonetheless, renowned brands often capture the market due to their consistency and reliability.

What is the best dartboard backboard material?

When it comes to selecting the material for the backboard of a dartboard, **cork stands unmatched.** This heavy-density material is designed to allow stray darts to easily stick into it, preventing potential damages to both dart and spectators. Speaking from my extensive experience in playing darts, cork backboards have saved many of my darts and a few close encounters with spectators!

What dart boards are used in competitions?

At official dart competitions, players utilize the PDC Dartboard. This dartboard is used so intensely that the developers regularly receive feedback, allowing for further material and workmanship improvements every year. The official name of this dartboard is **”Unicorn Eclipse Pro”.** This type of dartboard is used in all professional competitions I’ve been a part of and it really does make a difference in terms of precision and experience.

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