Top 15 Best Dartboard Stands of 2023: Ultimate Comparison

Hello Dartsfella, here you’re going to read about the best dartboard stand of 2023.

Darts are among the most indoor-outdoor fun game. People usually set up their dartboard over the wall or door. However, it’s not an ideal option for mounting a dartboard; because there is a high chance of the wall or door getting damaged from the stray darts. Also, a permanently installed dart board can’t be taken outside to play.

In these situations, a dartboard stand comes in handy. It can easily install a dartboard with adjustable height, and you can carry it anywhere. Plus, this dart item is quite sturdy, easy to use, and provides multiple features.

There are various types of dartboard stands that come with different qualities and features. Thus, picking an ideal dart board stand can be a bit difficult and time-consuming task.

No worries, guys, I’m here to help you choose the perfect one for yourself. After researching and testing many dartboard stands, I’ve listed the best ones.

Now, let’s look at the reviews of the top 15 best dart board stands of 2023.

The Best Dartboard Stand: A quick list below

  1. Best overall: Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Stand
  2. Runners up: Gorilla Arrow Pro Dartboard Stand
  3. Editor’s choice: North Gear Dartboard Stand
  4. Best dartboard stand for man cave: Arachnid E650 Free Standing Dartboard Cabinet
  5. Best Budget: Woodworm Dartboard Stand
  6. Best dartboard stand for beginners: Unicorn Dartmate Dartboard Stand
  7. Best dartboard stand for professionals: Winmau Xtreme 2 Dartboard Stand
  8. Best free standing dartboard: Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet stand
  9. Best portable dartboard stand: Bully Darts Dartboard Stand
  10. Best dartboard stand for outside: Darts Master Dartboard Stand
  11. Best dartboard stand for home: Pinpoint Dartboard Stand
  12. Best Standing Electronic Dartboard: Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard
  13. Best dartboard stand for teenagers: GRAN Dart Board Stand
  14. Best dartboard stand for practice: Mission Darts Rotapro Dartboard Stand
  15. Easiest To Set-Up: GRAN Darts Universals Dartboard Stand

The Best Dart board Stands Review


Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Stand Review

Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit - DartsFella

Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 7.09 x 7.48 x 41.34 inches (18 x 19 x 105 cm)
Weight: 2 Pounds (0.91 kg)
Base Type: Quad-pod legs stand
Material: Steel
Color: Black

Winmau’s name comes top of almost every Darts equipment. Here, the winmau xtreme dartboard stand comes at the number 1 position not only because of its popularity but mainly due to excellent performance and great customer satisfaction (avg 4.8 star).

Winmau xtreme free standing dart board stand is made of robust steel; lasts for a long time. This dart board stand is lightweight so it’s portable and can be used at any outdoor place to enjoy dart games. Plus, it features an accessory tray that keeps darts or any other small object. The wall support stabilizer is of poor quality, but the four legs ensure solid stability.

Winmau xtreme stand is collapsible; therefore, you can easily fold it to carry or store it in a bag after use. Also, dart board height is adjustable at desired length with the height lock setting option. While darts hit on the dartboard — the winmau dart stand wiggle slightly.

However, dart board and dartboard surround are not included.

Overall, the Winmau xtreme unit is the perfect dartboard stand. Hence, if you want an ideal dartboard to stand, purchase this winmau set right away.

Note: Only standard dartboards can be mounted; can’t hang electronic dartboards.


  • Sturdy and portable
  • Great stability
  • Collapsible
  • Easy to set up and store


  • Low-quality stabilizer

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Gorilla Arrow Pro Dartboard Stand Review

Gorilla Stands Unisexs Arrow PRO Dartboard Stand - DartsFella

Gorilla Arrow Pro Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 37.8 x 6 x 5.5 inches (96 x 15 x 14 cm)
Weight: 8.9 Pounds (4 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Aluminium
Color: Black

Another ideal darts stand is the Gorilla arrow pro dartboard stand.

This dartboard tripod stand is well-built from high-quality aluminum, ensuring robustness and outstanding durability. Also, it got a black painted lavish finishing and features height adjustment where the range is about 100 cm to 173 cm.

Gorilla dartboard stand can fit all sorts of dartboard. Along with indoor use, this portable dartboard stand can be used in darts events or any outdoor place.

The bracket is constructed from aluminum alloy, and the hole spacing is 100mm x 100mm. Generally, the board bracket can swivel at a 360° angle and hold twenty kilograms. In addition, the tilt bracket ensures smooth dartboard adjustability. The included items are manual, tripod stand, fixings, mounting, and carry bag.

The gorilla dart stand is foldable; therefore, you can store it in the bag and carry it anywhere you want to. Sometimes, the dartboard moves a bit; checking and tightening each function can solve this issue.

On the downside, gorilla stands instructions are not helpful enough; instead, follow YouTube videos while assembling.

Last but not least, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. Thus, buy a Gorilla arrow pro stand and enjoy darts with a sturdy, stable dartboard stand.


  • Easy assembly
  • Mobile
  • Good value
  • Fits on small spaces


  • Poor instruction book
  • Flimsy bracket ball and socket joint


North Gear Dartboard Stand Review

North Gear Darts Tripod Portable Dartboard Mount Stand - DartsFella

North Gear Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 38 x 7 x 6 inches (96.5 x 17.8 x 15.2 cm)
Weight: 12.4 Pounds (5.6 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Steel
Color: Black

North Gear dartboard stand is a reliable mount stand constructed with top standard steel and gives a long-lasting performance. Also, it features a height-adjustable system where five settings options are available; begins from the official darts height of 5′ 8″ up to the tallest 12′ 5″.

This telescopic dart board stand is collapsible, and after folding, the dimension becomes 7 inches in diameter and 38 inches long. Besides, the bracket can swivel at 360° with having +/- 12° tilt; therefore, the dart board can be rotated without removing from the stand. In addition, it can support the uttermost 55lbs (25 kg) weight.

A carry bag is included to store and carry this tripod dartboard stand easily.

The dart board attaches easily with the base with the included screws. Here, you’ll need to connect 4 screws to the centerboard with the head bracket for mounting your dartboard.

You can set up this darts stand within a few seconds and starts playing darts. However, some minor wobbles will occur if you use heavy darts or throw darts hard.

For any darts lover, North Gear could be a perfect dartboard stand as it is flexible, foldable, and gives ultimate freedom to use dart board in any place.


  • Easy to use
  • Transportable
  • 5 height-adjustable options


  • Legs don’t lock well


Arachnid 5400 Free Standing Dartboard Cabinet Review

Arachnid Titanium 5400 Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet - DartsFella

Arachnid 5400 Free Standing Dartboard Cabinet

Dimensions: 12.5 x 23.5 x 85 inches (31.75 x 59.7 x216 cm)
Weight: 75 Pounds (34 kg)
Base Type: Flat stand
Material: Wood
Color: Black

Arachnid E650 free standing dart board is the most suitable item for a man cave or game room.

This stand up electronic dart board offers two lavish color designs: black and rustic tan, which perfectly fits any home décor. Plus, it has two storage areas; the upper compartment for storing darts, tips, flights, or other small objects, and the lower cabinet has three shelves that can contain books, gamepads, devices, etc.

There is no built-in lighting system; however, you can easily install a LED light in the space above the board and give it a unique look.

The Arachnid cricket pro 650 standing electronic dartboard consists of quality segments: nylon tough and micro-thin, which ensures low bounce-outs as well better durability and playability.

In addition, this 15.5″ sized stand-up electronic dart board provides many unique features such as 24 games (5 cricket games), score display (8 players), 132 variations, sleep mode, solo play, handicap, and many more. Moreover, a voice prompt is installed for announcing to throw the dart.

Dartboards are replaceable with any standard size dartboard.

The included items are hanging kits, an AC adapter, instruction manual, six darts, and extra soft tips. The manufacturer gives 90 days of warranty. Packaging is not good enough, and sometimes it arrives with missing pieces or damaged parts. In this situation, you could exchange it.

While assembling, follow the instruction thoroughly, as it requires patience.

Arachnid standing dart board is moveable and can be placed anywhere but, try to set it near an electrical outlet. Also, bit shaky so, anchor it to the wall with the provided bracket.

The darts are pretty average so, purchase a good set of soft tip darts.

Thus, enrich your game room or man cave with this gorgeous dart board standing cabinet and enjoy great fun with your family and friends.


  • Arcade style
  • Great dartboard
  • LED display (Easy to read)
  • Reasonable price


  • Echoes when darts hit
  • Cheap darts
  • Flimsy cabinet


Woodworm Dartboard Stand Review

Woodworm Darts Tripod Portable Dartboard Mount Stand - DartsFella

Woodworm Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 38 x 7 x 8 inches (‎96.5 x 17.7 x 20.3 cm)
Weight: 9.93 Pounds (4.5 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Plastic and Steel
Color: Black

Woodworm is a steady, well-made dartboard mount stand that is affordable and provides multiple unique features.

It offers 5 adjustable height settings, starting from the official height of 173cm then up to the taller 205cm. Also, the swivel bracket can rotate at 360 degrees and maintain a +/- 12° tilt. Plus, it can hold up to 25kgs (55.2lb) weight. The folded dimensions are 96.5 x 18 cm (‎38 x 7.1 inches).

Mounting equipment is included with the package for easy dartboard installation onto the stand. Also, storing and carrying the dartboard stand is trouble-free with the free carry bag. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t include a dartboard or backboard.

With this mobile dartboard stand, you can even set your dartboard at any outdoor place and enjoy darts games. However, the screws need to be loosened off to make the dartboard rotate. Also, when darts hit, the dartboard tripod stand shakes a little bit.

If you want a flexible, sturdy dartboard stand within a minimal budget, then the Woodworm dartboard stand is highly preferable for you.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Quick set up
  • Folded up


  • Wobbles slightly
  • Full-sized boards don’t fit well


Unicorn Dartmate Dartboard Stand Review

target - DartsFella

Unicorn Dartmate Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 38 x 7 x 8 inches (‎96.5 x 17.7 x 20.3 cm)
Weight: 9.93 Pounds (4.5 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Plastic and Steel
Color: Black

Unicorn tri dartboard stand is a sturdy unit made of robust steel. Here, the tripod design ensures excellent stability even on uneven surfaces.

This folding dartboard stand is fully portable. Within a few seconds, you can easily fold it for storing or carry it anywhere you want.

Unicorn dart board stand is easy to put together; screw all joints tightly. Also, dart board mounting is quite simple; all you’ll have to do is just screw your dart board with one of the tripod base holes.

However, no dartboard and surround are included.

Unicorn dart stand is a durable and quick setup, making it perfect for beginners. So, if you’re new to darts, then buy the Unicorn dartmate tri stand and develop your darting skill.


  • Fast to assemble
  • Easy to dismantle and move


  • No red surround


Winmau Xtreme 2 Dartboard Stand Review

Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit 114237588 by Winmau - DartsFella

Winmau Xtreme 2 Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 67 inches (15 x 15 x 170 cm)
Weight: 2.3 Pounds (1 kg)
Base Type: Quad-pod legs stand
Material: Steel
Color: Multiple

Pro dart players play darts on a regular basis for a long period. Even if they are experts, however, they can’t stop sounds from occurring that are caused due to darts hitting the wall-mounted dartboard. Here, a dartboard stand comes as a great solution.

Winmau xtreme 2 dartboard stand is known for its top-notch performance, sturdiness, and solid stability. That’s why most professionals choose this winmau xtreme stand set.

It features a lockable and height-adjustable option to set a dartboard at an ideal height. Also, the included wall stabilizers ensure less movement.

Winmau xtreme 2 stand is lightweight and collapsible so, it’s portable. Also, along with indoor places, it can be used in any outdoor spot.

Assembly is simple, but you will need to drill 2 small holes in your dartboard for fixing it on the stand.

Only the dartboard stand is sold; no dartboard is added.


  • Well worth
  • Very sturdy and stable


  • Wobbles bit while removing darts


Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet stand Review

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Solid Poplar with Dark Cherry Finish - DartsFella

Centerpoint Dartboard Cabinet stand

Dimensions: 24 x 9.25 x 81 inches (61 x 23.5 x 206 cm)
Weight: 78 Pounds (35.4 kg)
Base Type: Free standing leg stand
Material: Engineered Wood
Color: Cherry Finish

Centerpoint free standing dart cabinet is one of the excellent products from the renowned brand Hathaway.

This stand up dart board cabinet is made of solid poplar wood with an elegant finishing of dark cherry design. Also, it got 2 large storage shelves where dart holders are integrated to store dartboard accessories. In addition, the free-standing legs and included wall-mounting kits secure great stability.

The outlaw dartboard comes in regulation size and can count up to eight players’ scores. Along with 90 variations, the electronic set features 29 fun games and a sound system. Here, 6 darts and extra 6 soft tips come with it. Although assembling is easy, it requires some time.

This wooden dartboard stand fits great with any home décor; also, it can be a perfect game room element. However, it’s not ideal for outdoor usage.

Purchase this USA-made Centerpoint standing dartboard cabinet and spend quality time with your family and friends.


  • Ample storage
  • Well packaged


  • Heavy


Bully Darts Dartboard Stand Review

Alecoy Bully Darts Dartboard Stand Portable Dartboard Stand - DartsFella

Bully Darts Board Stand

Dimensions: 43.3 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches (110 x 14 x 14 cm)
Weight: 2.3 Pounds (1 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Steel
Color: Black

Bully Darts stand is well built from robust steel and comes with many features. This lightweight dartboard stand has excellent stability and durability as well. Also, it’s highly portable; the owner can play darts anywhere. Additionally, heights can be adjustable at various lengths with the height-lock system.

The dartboard stand can load a maximum of 40 kg (88.2 lb) weight. The dartboard stand assembles with simple fitting instructions within a few minutes. Here, you can loosen the fixing bracket for turning your dartboard.

Although the manufacturer only provides the tripod stand, it’s recommended to buy a good dartboard surround.

If you’re travelling or want a dart stand to use at different places like dart events, friends’ houses, parties, then purchase this convenient dartboard stand right away.


  • Steady
  • Well balanced
  • Easy to put down


  • None


Darts Master Dartboard Stand Review

Darts Master Dartboard Stand - DartsFella

Darts Master Dartboard Stand

: 39.76 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches (101 x 15 x 15 cm)
Weight: 7.72 Pounds (3.5 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Steel
Color: Black

For the purpose of using a dart board in outdoor places, the darts master mount stand is the most suitable product.

This outdoor dartboard stand is durable steel constructed and gives splendid performance even in harsh weather. Plus, the telescopic tripod stand ensures strong stability even on rough or smooth surfaces. In addition, the easy folding system makes it more convenient for storage and carrying.

Set your dartboard height at any length with the lockable and adjustable height control; from adults to kids, everyone can play.

Assembly is simple, and the dartboard attaching process is quite easy with the base bracket. Here, the bristle dart board is the ideal one to attach.

Enjoy outdoor funs with this darts master dartboard stand set in the company of your close people.


  • Easy to operate
  • Cheap


  • Not sufficient mount hole


Pinpoint Dartboard Stand Review

inpoint Dartboard Stand - DartsFella

Pinpoint Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 41 x 6 x 7 inches (104.1 x 15.2 x 17.7cm)
Weight: 9.92 Pounds (4.5 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Plastic and Steel
Color: Black

Particularly for home usage, the pinpoint dart board stand is a perfect choice.

The tripod dart board stand is made from plastic and steel, ensuring solid stability and sturdiness. Here, along with height adjustable, the lock and key feature keep it to the standard height (5ft 8in). Also, up to 55lbs (25kg) weight can be loaded on this freestanding dart board.

Dartboard fixes comfortably on the bracket with the provided hardware materials. In addition, the included instruction manual makes it easy to put together, follow the steps precisely.

The maximum width is 47in (maximum heights are about 79in (200cm) and 120cm).

The seller only sold the stand; however, it’s recommended to buy darts mat and dartboard surround as well. So, if you can’t wall-mount the dartboard or just wants to play darts quietly in your home, then the pinpoint dart board stand is for you.


  • Simple setup
  • Less noise


  • Shakes a little bit


Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard Review

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard - DartsFella

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard

Dimensions: 51.75 x 26.5 x 5.5 inches (131.5 x 67 x 14 cm)
Weight: 72 Pounds (32.5 kg)
Base Type: Flat stand
Material: Wood
Color: Multi

Arachnid free standing electronic dart board cabinet comes with elegant mahogany finishing and provides an enduring performance. Also, this top-quality furniture cabinet has a big storage compartment and routed doors; looks lovely with any décor or game room.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 electronic dartboard features score display (8 players), ’01 games darts averaging, 39 games (7 cricket), 179 options, three-level heckler (optional), and many more. Six darts with extra flights and soft tips are included with mounting hardware.

You can set this electronic dart board with stand in any indoor place; however, it’s not suitable outdoors.

The assembly requires patience; follow the manual step by step. Also, for extra stability, use wall mounting brackets. Thus, enjoy the ultimate fun with your family & friends and give your man cave or game room a new unique look with the Arachnid electronic standing dart board.


  • Tournament style
  • Red LED display
  • Affordable


  • Wobbly cabinet


GRAN Dart Board Stand Review

GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand Board - DartsFella

GRAN Dart Board Stand

Dimensions: 37.1 x 6 x 5.4 inches (94 x 15 x 13.7 cm)
Weight: 5.84 Pounds (‎2.65 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Steel
Color: Black

Gran darts stand a lightweight model that is also very sturdy, steady and suits the teenagers most.

The dartboard tripod has great durability and playability; lasts for a longer time even after rough usage. Also, it got an easy setup process, and almost all sorts of dartboards can be attached but, bristle and gran boards fit perfectly. In addition, this gran board stand can be used in both indoor and outdoor places. The mounting bracket comes in O typed and U-shaped.

On the downside, the case is not good enough; the zipper does not work well.

Easy to transport and store with the included carry bag. So, waste no time, buy this safe gran board tripod stand for your teenager.


  • Robust
  • Easy to dismantle and use


  • Bit wobbly
  • Low-quality zipper


Mission Darts Rotapro Dartboard Stand Review

Mission Darts Rotapro Dartboard Stand Tripod Portable Travel Dart Board Stand - DartsFella

Mission Darts Rotapro Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 41.7 x 7.1 x 6.7 inches (‎106 x 18 x 17 cm)
Weight: 10 Pounds (4.58 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Plastic and Steel
Color: Black

Mission rotapro travel stand is the proper dartboard stand for practising regularly.

This PVC dartboard stand is well-built and pretty stable. It is also portable so, it can be used in the backyard, office, or any outdoor place. Plus, tripod legs can spread widely, and with the height-adjustable setting, kids can play too.

The mission darts stand setup process requires a minimal amount of time. Besides, the dartboard stand bracket is unique; holds the dartboard very strongly and barely moves while darting. However, after setting up, the dartboard tends to tilt forward.

Purchase the mission dartboard stand and practice quietly as much as you want without worrying about any wall damage.


  • Versatile
  • Dartboard is rotatable


  • Dartboard tilts forward


GRAN Darts Universals Dartboard Stand Review

GRAN DARTS Universal Portable Lightweight - DartsFella

GRAN Darts Universals Dartboard Stand

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 85 inches (22.8 x 22.8 x 216 cm)
Weight: 3.4 Pounds (1.5 kg)
Base Type: Tripod stand
Material: Plastic and Steel
Color: Black

Gran darts universals is a very lightweight dart board stand with solid stability.

The stand up dart board is manufactured from plastic and steel. Plus, this portable darts stand folds easily so, it can be put back in the carry case for storage. Apart from home use, you can also take the stand alone dart board outside; set it up within a few seconds, then start playing darts games.

Included items are a throw line sticker, measurement chain, phone holder, support sleeve, gran bracket, and carry case.

The dartboard holder is compatible with bristle dart boards and gran boards. So, complete your darts accessories with the gran darts universals dartboard stand and enjoy the quality game time.


  • Well worth
  • Minimal movement


  • Noisy

Buyers Guide

In order to choose the best dartboard stand according to your need, check out these key factors before buying.


One of the most important aspects to look, while selecting a dart board stand. This building substance indicates the quality of the product as well as its longevity and performance. In general, dartboard stands are constructed with different materials such as steel, plastic, aluminum, and wood.


Aluminum is a lightweight material, and that’s why people often choose aluminum dartboard stands for high portability. These stands also fit within small spaces and quickly assemble too. However, there is a question of its stability in outside places. Aluminum stands are suitable for indoor usage.


Steel-constructed dartboard stands are one of the ideal products to be picked. These stands have great durability, stability, and portability as well. Plus, the sturdiness of the steel stands makes them perfect for outdoor usage even in harsh conditions. Most often, it comes at low prices. In some cases, assembling them becomes a difficult task.


The wooden dartboard stands usually come in awesome arcade-style, which goes along with any home décor. Also, they fit perfectly in a game room or man cave. In most cases, these stand-up dart boards are paired with multiple featured electronic dartboards and provide vast cabinet storage. The wood stands are movable but, can’t be taken outside because of their heavy weight.

Overall, steel dart board stands are preferable because it’s better and more beneficial than others.


Generally, there are two types of dartboard stand available. Both of these stands have advantages and disadvantages.

The free-standing dartboards usually come with 3 or 4 legs for solid stability. These stands feature many things such as height adjustment, easy assembly and set up, board rotation, etc. Also, it’s transferable and useable at any desired place. In addition, with the dartboard mounting bracket, the dartboard mounts easily. On the negative side, when darts hit on the dartboard, stands wobble slightly. But, you’ll hardly notice that.

Another type is the wall-supported stands which are more stable than freestanding dart boards. This means that it shows minimal movement when darts hit. The disadvantages of wall-supported stands are weight and cost.


The last thing to check in a dartboard stand is its weight. Because the portability of a dartboard stand entirely depends on it. For a heavy stand, it’s hard to transport. On the other hand, the lightweight collapsible stands can be carried anywhere in a carry bag or case.

Apart from all these key factors, check other things like dartboard stand size, features, mounting bracket, included items, warranty, and price.


What is the best dartboard stand?

The answer to this question is completely depends on your need. If you need a portable dart stand, then a lightweight dartboard stand is perfect. For outdoor usage, sturdy stand are preferable. And for a game room or rec room or man cave, go for the stand up dart board cabinet.

Overall, the Winmau Xtreme and the Gorilla Arrow Pro are the best dartboard stand on the market.

How do you attach a dartboard to a stand?

Most of the dartboard stands offer a bracket that is usually pre-drilled. With this mounting bracket, you can simply attach your dartboard using some screws; there is no need to drill extra holes in the dartboard.

If your dartboard doesn’t have any mounting holes, drill onto the center of the back of your dartboard and fix it to the stands bracket.

Can you attach an electronic dartboard to a dartboard stand?

Yes, you can. But, it depends on the dartboard stands bracket compatibility with your electronic dartboard.

Most stands usually have a mounting system suitable for the bristle dartboards. If your dartboard doesn’t match with the stands bracket, then you can use a dartboard cabinet or custom-made mounting bracket for attaching your electronic dart board to the stand.

How tall is a dartboard stand?

Dartboard stands feature a height adjustment option which ensures the standard height is 5 feet 8 inches.

As for the standing dart boards like arachnid e650, centerpoint, and arachnid cricket pro 800, the height is 7 feet.

How far away do you stand from a dartboard stand?

According to the dart’s official rules, the distance is 7 feet 9.25 inches. You can use a dart mat or laser marker to get rid of measurement troubles.


Dartboard stand completes the collection of a dart enthusiast. It becomes convenient in a situation where you can’t mount your dartboard to the wall, or you just want to play darts outdoors as well. Also, it’s a great opportunity for a beginner to gain more playing experience and develop darting skills with the dartboard on a stand.

In this article, all reviewed dartboard stands are great from their perspective categories. However, the Winmau Xtreme and the Gorilla Arrow Pro dartboard stand are highly recommended.

So, order the most suitable dartboard stand and play darts trouble-free. I hope this review article was helpful.

Additional Questions

Who manufactures the top-notch dart board?

Choosing the best quality dart board highly depends on personal preference as well as the type of dart game that you enjoy playing. Different manufacturers offer a variety of dart boards that vary in terms of quality, texture, color, and design. It’d be a good idea to do a bit of research and find reviews on various dart boards to make your decision. Investing time in researching the perfect dart board will make your dart playing experience more pleasant.

Which is the most sought-after dart board?

The popularity of a dart board can differ according to the location, preference of local players, and often the type of darts being used (steal-tip or soft-tip darts). Some might prefer traditional bristle dart boards while others might go for modern electronic ones. The key to finding the most popular dart board is to understand others’ preferences as well as your own.

Are dart board stands efficacious?

Absolutely! Dart board stands are an excellent investment for dart enthusiasts who prefer to keep their walls pristine or for those who enjoy playing darts in various locations. With a stand, you can easily transport and set up your dart board wherever you fancy. Besides, it’s a much-preferred option if you’re living in a rented property where drilling holes aren’t really an option. Dart board stands are effective, reliable, and particularly useful for on-the-go gaming.

What parameters should I consider while purchasing an electronic dart board?

If you are looking to participate in a league or a tournament, you should look for a regulation size electronic dart board. This is typically 15.5 inches in diameter, so make sure not to mistake it for a smaller one. Look for one with thin segment dividers to allow more holes in each segment, hence more chances of hitting the target! Choosing the right electronic dart board depends on the size and the design of the dividing parts.

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