Steel Tip Darts on Electronic Dartboard 2023: Can You?

When it’s come to throwing darts on a dart board, they must be compatible to avoid mess up. So what if you have an electronic dart board and you are planning to increase the efficiency using steel tip darts? Can you use steel tip darts on electronic dart board? 

Yes. You can use steel tip darts on electronic dart board only if it has a bristle tech surface. Keep reading to get detail on it and some helpful tips to choose between steel-tip darts and soft-tip darts.

Can You Use Steel Tip Darts on Electronic Dart Board

Yes, you can play a game of darts on an electrical dartboard using a steel tip dart. However, the board should have a bristle tech surface. Steel tip darts pierce the dartboard’s surface. Hence the board should be able to work this way otherwise the darts won’t work. Remember, some bristle tech boards can only be played with soft-tip darts. 

So check the specifications of the board to make sure it works with steel tips. Instead, you can buy an electrical dartboard that works with both options. You can check some users’ reviews to determine other players’ judgment about the ability to use both types of darts. Bristle tech board may work for steel tip darts and soft tip darts however might not be efficient. 

If you are planning for a game setup, opt for a board that can hold both soft and steel-tip darts. Playing with both types of darts will help you prepare for participating in any friendly competition. This way you’ll have flexibility over your game of darts.

Things to Consider When Choosing Darts 

Of the two types of darts, the steel tip is the most common. Steel tip darts are made from metal and it’s the hardest type of dart to throw. In addition, steel tip darts are highly durable and offer much more longevity. 

Conversely, the soft tips come from plastic and are quite softer than steel tips. Soft tip darts are also easier to grip; hence they won’t slip off the finger more often like steel-made ones. But soft tip darts are less durable and you might need to change them more frequently. 

Both steel and soft-tip darts are fairly effective, so you can choose either one based on your preferences. But if you need long-lasting ones, go for steel tip darts while soft ones will be preferable for more convenient use.

Final Words

In the end, you can use steel tip darts on an electric dart board, however, it should have a bristle tech surface. If you neither replace steel tip darts nor electronic darts, choose a board that supports both types of darts so you can switch between types. This’ll bring some unique benefits like flexibility over the condition, environment, and type of tournament. 

Additional Questions

Can steel tip darts be used on an electronic dart board?

No, **steel tip darts should not be used on electronic dart boards**. Traditional steel tip darts were designed specifically for use with paper or sisal dartboards. If you were to use them on an electronic board, they would damage the electronics. In the game of darts, we advise using soft tip darts for electronic dartboards. These types of darts are specifically designed to be compatible with electronic systems and won’t cause any damage.

Can any type of darts be used on a Smartboard?

You can indeed use **any steel tip darts on a Smartboard**, however, there is a caveat. For them to be detected by the board, they have to be magnetised. Smartboards have special technology that detects the landing spot of magnetised darts, giving you a more engaging experience of the game.

Is it possible to use metal darts on a plastic dart board?

Only when the electronic dart board has a Bristle Tech surface can **steel tip darts be used**. Soft tip darts, which are often lighter and differently balanced than their steel counterparts, are the norm for these types of boards. However, there are convertible darts available that have interchangeable tips, making them suitable for both electronic and steel tip games.

How can you remove dart tips from an electronic dart board?

Being a seasoned player of electronic darts, I’ve encountered this situation quite a few times. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, as the method you use really depends on how deeply embedded the dart tip is in the board. Some light wiggling or gentle prying with a flat object is usually enough to get a stuck dart tip out.

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