Top 10 Best Outdoor Dartboards 2023: Best Choices Reviewed

Hey! Dartsfella, searching for the best outdoor dartboard? Well, you’ll find out soon…

Darts are one the most enjoyable game to play outside. Besides, a refreshing outdoor dart game is a great way of spending quality time with family, friends, and colleagues. Plus, it develops skills, encouragement, sportsmanship, teaches many more things.

There are numerous dart boards available but not every dartboard is suitable to play outside. Here, after mass research and testing on different types of dart boards, I’ve come up with a list of the best dart board for outside. So, waste no time let’s hop into the top 10 best outdoor dart boards of 2023 below

In a Rush? The Best Outdoor Dartboard Is……

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard To know why keep reading on

Winmau Blade 5 and Blade6 Dual Core Bristle Dartboards - DartsFella

Comparison Table

Outdoor DartboardsKey FeaturesPurchase👇
1. The Best Overall: Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard 👌 Dual-core technology
👌  Vivid color design
👌 Triple Lock and Rota-Lock System
2. Best outdoor dartboard Cabinet: Viper Hideaway Cabinet Dartboard👌 Reversible
👌 Mounting hardware
👌 Built-in scoreboard
3. Best outdoor magnetic dartboard: Esjay Magnetic Dart Board👌 Dual-core technology
👌 Vivid color design
👌 Triple Lock and Rota-Lock System
4. Best Waterproof Outdoor dartboard : ATDAWN Safety Dart Board Review👌 Strong resilience
👌 Safe darts
👌 Two ways Installation
5. Best outdoor electronic dartboard: Turnart Electronic Dart Board Review👌 Rotate light system
👌 LCD display (auto scoring)
👌 Cyber player mode
6. Best outdoor dartboard for Kids & Adults: Yuham Magnetic Dart Board👌 Dual-sided
👌  Strong magnetic board
👌 Easy to carry and hang
7. Best outdoor dartboard for kids: Fundia Kids Dart Board👌 Strong stickiness
👌 Adhesive hook
👌 Safer and Portable
8. Best outdoor dartboard for beginners: Viper Double Play Dartboard 👌 Eye-catching designs
👌 Easy mounting
👌 Baseball game on the back
9. Best outdoor dartboard for teenager: Theefun Safety Dart Board👌 Installation two ways
👌 Soft tip darts
👌 Portable
10. Best outdoor dartboard for family: CX L SUM Magnetic Dart Board👌 Unique design
👌 Great sturdiness
👌 Strong magnetic darts

The Best Outdoor Dart Boards Review

1. The Best Overall: Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard Review

Dimensions: 21 x 2.13 x 21.5 inches (53.34 x 5.41 x 54.61 cm)
 Weight: 12.8 Pounds (5.8 kg)
 Material: Cork, Wood, Coiled paper
 Color: Black
 Performance: Very Good
 Durability: 4.4 star

Winmau Blade 5 and Blade6 Dual Core Bristle Dartboards - DartsFella

Right now, the world’s most advanced dart board is the Winmau Bristle Dartboard. This outdoor dart board set has great durability and gives a top-notch performance. Also, it has the endorsement of a renowned dart board sports authority BDS aka British Darts Organization.

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard is the best outdoor dartboard for professionals as well. Professionals use Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard mainly because it’s made of high-quality material (sisal fiber), long-lasting lifespan, and has great self-healing power.

The dual-core technology of this Winmau dartboard set helps on reducing its surface resistance at outside conditions. In addition, the high compression on the inner layer increases its strength that ensures awesome playability. However, you might feel frustrated while targeting the bullseye because sometimes darts bounce outs.

Moreover, this wooden dart board has a thin wiring system (14% from the previous model) which results in fewer bounce-outs. Also, the scoring area is increased and the razor wire angle is reduced 30-degree for better dart deflection. In addition, the triple wheel lock & level system of this professional dart set makes it easy to install at any outdoor place. This rotating dart board also offers a great leveling advantage on any surface.

If you’re serious about darts then, this is a perfect outside dartboard for you.

+ Fast recovery

+ Less bounce-outs

+ Tournament-size dartboard

+ Easy mounting and rotation

Bit pricey

2. Best outdoor dartboard Cabinet: Viper Hideaway Cabinet Dartboard Review

 Dimensions: 21 x 2.13 x 21.5 inches (53.34 x 5.41 x 54.61 cm)
 Weight: 12.8 Pounds (5.8 kg)
 Material: Cork, Wood, Coiled paper
 Color: Black
 Performance: Very Good
 Durability: 4.4 star

Viper Hideaway Cabinet Steel Tip Dartboard - DartsFella

Viper Hideaway Cabinet Dartboard is a nice-looking dartboard produced from renewable and trusted brand GLD products. This double-sided dart board has two games: traditional and baseball (enjoy America’s pastime) with reversible options. Also, it has gorgeous finishing with black matte.

This viper dartboard has many awesome features such as magnetic door-lock, overlay door hinges, scoreboards (cricket and ‘01 games), etc.

Moreover, the installation process is quite easy with the mounting hardware. In addition, the cabinet classic style protects the walls from the errant steel-tip darts throws.

This dart board cabinet is perfect on man cave, garage, backyard, game room. Furthermore, you can use the space under the dartboard to store the chalks and darts. Unfortunately, the dart board’s self-healing power is not good enough so, consider using other type dart boards inside the cabinet.

This product includes 4 items namely cabinet, dartboard, scoreboards, and 2 sets of darts (6 steel tips). Thus, if you want to give your dart experience a whole new level, then purchase this dart board cabinet.

+ Magnetic door-lock

+ Graceful design

+ Mounting equipment

+ Reasonable price

– Paper dartboard

– Heavyweight

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3. Best outdoor magnetic dartboard: Esjay Magnetic Dart Board Review

 Dimensions: 18 x 0.78 x 18 inches (45.72 x 2 x 45.72 cm)
 Weight: 4.1 Pounds (1.86 kg)
 Material: Metal, Paper
 Color: Multicolor
 Performance: High
 Durability: 5 star

Magnetic Dart Board Set for Kids Indoor Outdoor - DartsFella

Esjay magnetic dart board also can be an ideal option for outside play. This outdoor dart board’s surface is made of excellent metal which is covered by the bright designed papers. Besides, this 2 in 1 magnetic dart board occurs no harm so, along with adults it’s great for kids (above 3 years). The other side of the board has a unique game that can be helpful to build up your kid’s math skills.

The mounting process of this magnetic dart board is super easy all you’ll need is just a hook or a nail for hanging it anywhere. Luckily, you can also use it for indoor games. However, too much pressure while throwing darts can leave some permanent scratches on the dartboard.

In addition, this safety magnetic dart board comes with an awesome outdoor darts set consist of 12 magnet darts that can be used even from a long distance (max 12 ft). So, buy this outdoor magnetic dartboard to spend your time with your close ones.

+ Bright Color

+ Safe darts

+ Easy to hang

+ Great Gift

– Dart quality

– Weak hook

4. Best Waterproof Outdoor dartboard : ATDAWN Safety Dart Board Review

 Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 1.5 inches (43.18 x 43.18 x 3.81 cm)
 Weight: 2.59 pounds (1.2 kg)
 Material: Plastic
 Color: Black-White-Green-Red
 Performance: Outstanding
 Durability: 4.7 star

ATDAWN Safety Dart Board Review - DartsFella

ATDAWN safety dart board is a reliable dartboard that can be used for outside play without any concerns.

As we all know, water can damage any dartboard (based on material) quickly but this high standard plastic made dartboard is protected from rains or any watery situations. Also, the soft rubber tip darts are totally safe and got easy griping makes them more fluent to play.

This excellent outdoor dartboard has a hole in the upper middle so, you can hang it anywhere. Also, it got a metal bracket installed on the back that makes it placeable on top of anything. Besides, you can use it anywhere for example garage, offices, man cave, homes, carnivals, parties, backyard, etc. Plus, it can be used for indoor funs. On any occasion, this outdoor dartboard is an excellent gift choice for kids (above 6 years), teens, and adults.

Although it gives a long-lasting solid performance but in few cases, darts might not stick well (especially on the bullseye).

This outdoor dart board comes at a cheap price including eight darts (soft tips). If you want a dartboard which will not ruin in outside condition then this is the best outdoor dartboard for you.

+ Water-resistant

+ Soft-tip Dart

+ Easy mounting system

+ Good pricing

– Darts stickiness

– Bullseye design

5. Best outdoor electronic dartboard: Turnart Electronic Dart Board Review

 Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 2 inches (33 x 33 x 5 cm)
 Weight: 4.41 Pounds (2 kg)
 Material: PP, ABS
 Color: Blue/Purple/Green
 Performance: Outstanding
 Durability: 4.5 star

Turnart Electronic Dart Board - DartsFella

Another great outdoor dart board is the Turnart electronic dart board. This unique dart board is made of high-quality materials (thermoplastic) and has many awesome features such as light-based games, rotate lighting, multiplayer mode, adjustable volume options, and many more.

Along with 315 variations, it has 48 games plus 17 light-based games and among them, the moving target games are the most fascinating ones. Here, up to 8 players can play together or against the cyber. However, this outdoor electronic dart board is mainly made for adults.

This illuminated dartboard offers long-lasting durability with fewer bounce-outs. Also, you can easily navigate the control panel and the sleep mode feature saves batteries life. Apart from any outdoor places, you can also use it in your garage, basement, man cave, or especially on night occasions.

This LED dart board comes with 6 darts with extra soft tips including the instruction of games & mounting. Purchase this exclusive dartboard for enjoying a different darting experience.

+ Various Games

+ Easy to control

+ Dart storage space

+ Auto power mode

– Weak Darts

6. Best outdoor dartboard for Kids & Adults: Yuham Magnetic Dart Board Review

 Dimensions: 18.1 x 16.6 inches (46 x 37 cm)
 Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg)
 Material: Flannel, Magnetic sheet, PVC
 Color: Multicolor
 Performance: Very good
 Durability: 4.6 star

Yuham Magnetic Dart Board - DartsFella

Yuham Magnetic Dart Board is a special magnetic roll-up dart board great for outdoor enjoyment. It’s a top-quality material made dartboard consists of magnetic sheet, flannel, and polyvinyl chloride combination. Therefore, this strong magnetic dartboard offers great durability and playability.

Magnets inside the dartboard and the magnetic darts ensure darts strong stickiness even from long distances. Plus, the magnetic tipped darts are round (no sharp point) so, its safe for wall and kids. However, occasionally the darts might bounces off.

Moreover, this lightweight dartboard is easy to carry and you can hang it anywhere with the pre-installed lanyard. You can use this dartboard in your backyard, garage, man cave, basement, office, almost everywhere. Besides, it’s suitable for indoor games too.

Along with 12 magnetic tip darts, this dartboard comes at a low cost. Also, it’s a great gift option for kids (above 5 years) and teens. So, to relieve office stresses, for kid’s fun, or spending quality family time go for this alternative dartboard.

+ High-quality material built

+ Safe darts

+ Portable

+ Hangs easily

– Bend Darts

– Small size dartboard

7. Best outdoor dartboard for kids: Fundia Kids Dart Board Review


 Dimensions: 13.98 x 13.98 x 0.79 inches (35.54 x 35.54 x 2 cm)
 Weight: 6.46 Ounces (183.14 gram)
 Material: Cotton
 Color: Multicolor
 Performance: Outstanding
 Durability: 4.8 star

Fundia Kids Dart Board - DartsFella

Fundia Kids Dart Board is an outstanding choice among kid dart boards for outdoor fun. This safe dart board is made of the finest material soft fabric (cotton) and gives long-lasting satisfying performance.

This dartboard has a unique design that increases children’s game fun and excitement. Besides, it is perfect for kids above 3 years and improves their calculation ability, social skills, and projectile skills.

Although, it’s a great outdoor game you can also use it for indoor games too. However, the sturdiness of this dartboard is not too good.

This kid-friendly dart board is available at a cheap price along with 10 dart balls (5 red + 5 blue). Here, the dart balls are velcro wrapped and super sticky. In addition, a storage bag and a strong adhesive hook also come with it. You can use the added hook for mounting and the storage bag for storing the dart balls. Moreover, its a great toy gift for young boys and girls on Birthday, Christmas Eve, or any occasion.

If you want the best outdoor dartboard for your kid then go for this awesome dart board.

Note: Hook the dartboard on a smooth surface because on other surfaces it might not paste well and the dartboard might drop.

+ Colorful

+ Safe sticky dart balls

+ Easy to set up

+ Cheap cost

– Fragile fabric

8. Best outdoor dartboard for beginners: Viper Double Play Dartboard Review

 Dimensions: 17.6 x 0.9 x 17.6 inches(44.7 x 2.3 x 44.7 cm)
 Weight: 2 Pounds (0.91 kg)
 Material: Coiled paper fiber
 Color: Black
 Performance: Very good
 Durability: 4 star

Viper Double Play - DartsFella

Viper Double Play Dartboard is a perfect outdoor dartboard for new dartists who just started to play darts games. This portable dart board is top-quality material made and has dazzling colorful designs. Also, it offers a great thickness and sturdiness. Furthermore, the round wiring system ensures darts stickiness as a result occurs fewer bounce-outs.

Along with traditional dart games upfront, you can also enjoy America’s pastime with the dart boards baseball dart game on the other side. In addition, this outdoor dart board has a hanging mount installed. So, within minimal requirement, you can easily set up it anywhere you want to. However, heavy usage can leave holes on it and might face trouble while targeting the bullseyes area.

Generally, it comes with an instructions manual and 2 sets of darts. If you’re new to darts or play casually then this outside dartboard is ideal for you.

+ Clean looking

+ Hangs anywhere

+ Affordable

– Lasts for a short time

9. Best outdoor dartboard for teenager: Theefun Safety Dart Board Review

 Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 1 inches (40.64 x 40.64 x 2.54 cm)
 Weight: 2.43 pounds (1.10 kg)
 Material: Plastic bristles
 Color: Red
 Performance: Great
 Durability: 4.3 star

Theefun Safety Dart Board 1 - DartsFella

Theefun Safety Dart Board is a weatherproof dartboard that is great for teenagers. This dart board material is high standard plastic bristles made which means it’s more durable, strong, and great even in harsh or rainy weather.

The safe darts ensure the safety of the teenagers and the easy dart grip makes the dart board game more enjoyable for them. Plus, this simple dartboard improves many skills and great at building sportsmanship & encouragement. Sometimes, the darts might bounce off and extra pressure might be needed while throwing.

You can set up this dart board in 2 ways. The upper hole for mounting in any hook or nail and the detachable metal bracket in the back for playing at the tabletop. Also, you can use it in offices, homes, tournaments, or parties.

Moreover, the Theefun manufacturer gives 6 darts (soft tip) with this hidden dartboard. Besides, It’s an ideal giftable product for kids (6+). So, without any hesitation buy this safety dartboard for your teenager.

+ Soft Darts

+ Easy Setup

+ Good value

– Cheap darts

– Darts bounces off

10. Best outdoor dartboard for family: CX L SUM Magnetic Dart Board Review

 Dimensions: 19.5 x 15.7 inches (49.53 x 39.87 cm)
 Weight: 1.71 Pounds (0.77 kg)
 Material: PVC, Magnetic sheet
 Color: Multicolor
 Performance: Great
 Durability: 4.8 star

CX L SUM Magnetic Dart Board - DartsFella

For family game fun and spending quality family time, the CX L SUM magnetic dart board is an ideal dartboard. This top-quality made dartboard has a strong absorbent which ensures lower dart fall-offs. Also, the two games on both sides are great for the whole family to play.

You can easily carry this safety dart board everywhere and hang it anywhere just by hanging it on a nail or a hook. Also, it’s a great child dartboard and can be used for indoor games too.

With 12 magnetic tip darts (4 colors) and a great rollup dartboard, it’s an awesome choice for a toy gift too. Besides, the darts are super safe so, no damages on the wall or none gets huts.

To enjoy family time with your partner or kids get this dartboard right away.

+ Safe for all

+ Easy to store and mount

+ Great gift

– Flimsy darts

– Darts bounced off

Buying Guide

Dart games are one of the most enjoyable sports that give the ultimate fun and relaxation. This indoor game is also great outdoor too. Likewise, people from all around the world especially, in the USA and Canada loves to play darts outside.

You can also try these fun games at outdoor spaces such as at your backyard, at parties, family gatherings, office, picnics, etc places to connect with your close ones. So, buy an outdoor dartboard right away. But, wait… before buying the best outdoor dart board consider these few things.


Product specification is the most important aspect while buying any product. As it provides all the information or feature about that product in short a lot of time is being saved and makes choosing easy.

Similarly, in the case of choosing an outdoor dart board, the dartboard specification requires most. From dartboards specifications, you can easily choose the ideal one to buy according to your needs. Generally, based on 6 important details outdoor dartboards specification is made.

  1. Dimensions: The dimension of an outdoor dartboard does matter if you’re buying for practicing for specific tournaments. Usually, dart tournaments require 18 inches size dartboard. So, use these size dartboards to compete in the tournaments. On the contrary, if you’re buying for just for family fun or other reasons then any sized-dartboard can be used. The small size dartboard can fit outside easily also it’s more preferable for kids to learn the games. But, remember one thing that, with small-sized dartboards, the scoring area also decreases. So, you may feel difficulty while aiming at a particular target.
  2. Weight: An outdoor dartboard weight has a great impact on carrying and installing it outside. The lightweight dartboard is most suitable for outdoor play whereas you might fell into trouble with the heavyweight dartboard.
  3. Material: The most important thing on the specification list is the dartboards material. Generally, dartboards are made of few things such as bristle, cork, paper, plastic, etc. Although the bristle-made dartboards are the best, it’s not water-proof and can affect on outside moisture. Similarly, the cork dart boards and the paper dart boards get damaged in outdoor conditions. Luckily, the plastic or rubber dart board is water resistance makes these dartboards great for outside play even in the rainy season.
  4. Color: Most dartboards have the traditional game design that consists of white, black, green, and red colors. However, except for these colors, there are many dartboards where various unique colors are used for eye-catching designs.
  5. Performance: Many dartboards do not perform as the manufacturer presentation or expectation. So, it’s important to check the dartboard performance from the customer’s view. This helps in choosing the right outdoor dartboard.
  6. Durability: Some dartboards lasts for years even after heavy usage whereas some others damages within few months. In this case, the durability rate of an outdoor dart board comes handy. It indicates if the dartboard is durable enough to last for a long time or not for outdoor darting.

Key Features

Every dart board has its key features. These unique features help the buyers to know what advantages they can get from that dartboard. However, the same types of dartboards have some common key features.

Bristle dartboards feature great traditional design, high-quality material, smooth darts, etc.

Magnetic dart boards usually come with double-sided games, easy mounting, safe darts, etc.

Electronic dartboards with most features for example various dart games, LCD, safe darts, elegant design, lighting, and many more.

Paper dart boards offer the traditional game front and baseball or classic black & white or target games on the back, easy installation, etc.

Plastic dart boards have 2-way installation, water resistance, safety, etc.

Portability & Mounting

To play dart games outside you’ll need a dartboard that has great portability as well as an easy mounting system.

The lightweight dartboards that come with pre-installed hanging features such as reinforced nail hole, hook, metal bracket, lanyard, etc are the most suitable outdoor dart board. On the other hand, the weighted dartboards give a little bit of trouble while carrying and hanging outside.

Darts amount and type

As you’re going to play outdoor darts it’s important to know how many darts come with the dartboard and which type of dart.

Usually, dart boards come with 6 darts but many dart boards offer 8, 9, or 12 darts. Besides, extra darts are useful for multiplying options or if darts are damaged or lost.

Darts can cause harm so, it’ll be clever to choose the right dart type. If you’re playing with family and kids then soft-tip darts are preferable for safety issues. Otherwise, the steel-tip dart can be used if the surround is safe enough.


Can you put a dart board outside?

Yes, and it’s super easy to install at any outside space. Mount your dart board on the fence of your yard or lawn and for protection consider using a dartboard backboard or cabinet. Now, enjoy the dart games in the outdoor charming weather. And, don’t forget to bring the dartboard back inside after finished playing because the weather might ruin it.

How to hang a dartboard outside?

There are multiple ways for hanging a dartboard outside. However, if you want the secure way then hang your dartboard on a hook, nail, or on anything that can hold it strongly. Otherwise, you can use the dartboard stand with a cabinet or backboard or wooden surround.

How do I protect my dart board outside?

Except for plastic dart boards, almost all types of dart boards can be damaged in outside conditions. In this case, you can use a dartboard cover or cabinet. The dartboard cover is heat and water resistance made which protects the outdoor dart board efficiently. On the other hand, a cabinet is also a great option for protecting the dart board as well as the wall.

Can you leave dart boards outside?

Well, it totally depends on the dart board type (sisal fiber, paper, cork, or plastic). Generally, the sisal fiber, paper, or cork-made dartboards are not weathered resistant. As a result, the outside conditions left harmful effects on these dart boards so, it’ll be wise to not leave them outside. On the contrary, the plastic-made dartboards have no effect at any outside weather means this can be left outside.

Final Thoughts

All included dartboards that are reviewed here are different from each other based on their unique features. For outside fun, these 10 dartboards are best from their perspective categories, where some are great for different ages, board types, places, etc.

In the final analysis, clearing all confusions the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard is the Best Outdoor Dartboard of all. Why is it? Well, because Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard is a high-quality material made strong dartboard which is also durable, sturdy, portable, and easy to mount. Besides, it’s better than all other outdoor dartboards and highly preferable by experienced and professional players. So, if you’re gonna just buy the best one, I highly recommend this elegant winmau dart board set. Happy Darting.

Additional Questions

Who fabricates the highest quality dart board?

The top-tier dart boards are crafted by several reputable industry leaders. The precise standards and high-quality materials they use ensure their boards last longer, offering players a better gaming experience. Nevertheless, it’s pivotal to remember that the ‘best’ dart board can be subjective and typically depends on personal preferences along with individual playing styles.

Which dart board garners the most popularity?

The laurels of the most popular dart board usually go to those that offer a great balance between affordability and quality. These boards tend to feature reliable construction and practical design elements, making them well-suited for both casual games and rigorous sessions alike. Always consider the durability, material, design, price point, and added features while choosing the most popular board for your needs.

Which dart board is favoured in professional tournaments?

The esteemed Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Dartboard is the dart board of choice for professional tournaments, specifically all PDC Tournaments. Its exceptional build quality, precise design, and rigorous manufacturing standards make it an ideal choice for high-stakes competitive play, and it’s truly a testament to its craftsmanship given its ubiquitous presence in professional arenas.

What is the prime material used for a dart board?

No question about it – **Sisal** is undoubtedly the best material choice for creating “bristle” dart boards. This assertion is backed by the fact that all top-notch boards utilized in the world’s elite dart tournaments are crafted with sisal fibers. With its excellent durability and resilience, sisal ensures a dart board can withstand repeated use while maintaining a consistent and accurate playing surface.

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