2023’s Best Front Grip Darts: 5 Best Picks & Buying Guide

Dartsfella, here in this article, you’re going to find out the best front grip darts.

Darts are like any other sport, completely dependent on techniques. The darts holding techniques impact game results. There are several gripping method people usually follows and among them, the front grip is an effective one. Pro players like Dennis Priestly, Raymond van Barneveld, Ian White, Dave Chisnall, Barney, and Gary Anderson are great examples of front grippers.

Keep in mind about darts quality, price, and front grip suitability, we have reviewed a list of the 5 best front grip darts: Harrows Wolfram Infinity, Target Power-9Five Gen 4 Darts, Target Darts Daytona Fire Darts, Harrows Paragon Darts, and Unicorn Gary Anderson Darts. So, look no further get the ideal darts.

Best front grip darts: A Quick List Below

Front Grip Darts Key FeaturesPurchase🛒
1. Best overall: Harrows Wolfram Infinity DartsLaser engraved tips
All-over grip
2. Editor’s choice: Target Darts Phil Taylor Power DartsGhost power flights
Hand sandblasted grip
3. Complete set: Target Darts Daytona Fire DartsTrapezoidal grip
Storm points
4. Best Soft Tip Darts: Harrows Paragon DartsParagon flights
Contrasting cuts
5. Best Value: Unicorn Gary Anderson DartsGrippy barrel
Medium shafts

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Best front grip darts Review


Harrows Wolfram Infinity Darts Review

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Harrows Wolfram Infinity Darts

Weight: 21g, 22g, 23g, 24g, 25g, 26g
Color: Red & Black
Barrel Material: Tungsten (97%)
Tip type: Steel
Front grip level: 9

Harrows wolfram infinity darts are gorgeous darts which got solid barrels consisting of moulded 97% tungsten material. The slim barrel ensures a great performance and lasts for a long time. Also, the ring grip design on the barrel is suitable for front grippers.

The wolfram infinity darts is coated with metallic and titanium nitride combination. In addition, it got laser engraved tips, supergrip shafts, and harrows prime flights. The match of these darts is weighed to ± 0.05g.

While testing these darts we faced a few bounce-offs which results in a broken shaft. So, we needed to replace a shaft. The tips can be changed; use a dart repointing tool.

The package has spare tips however, no extra shafts and flights are included.

Hence, purchase these darts edition from Harrows and throw darts with accuracy and consistency.


  • Versatile
  • Perfect balance
  • Great craftsmanship


  • Flimsy tips


Target Darts Phil Taylor Power-9Five Gen 4 Darts Review

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Target Darts Phil Taylor Power-9Five Gen 4 Darts

Weight: 22g, 24g, 26g
Color: Black
Barrel Material: Tungsten (95%)
Tip type: Steel
Front grip level: 8.5

Power-9five gen 4 darts are premium quality and classy darts. This darts set is endorsed by the greatest dart player Phil Taylor.

The darts barrels are well built from 95% tungsten. Also, it’s coated with fine titanium nitride and got hand sandblasted grip design. The ghost power flights are quite unique; darts fly smoothly. Along with front grippers, rear grippers and stem grippers can use these darts.

The darts seemed a bit small to us but it’s well balanced, feels good in the finger, and we’re sure with time you’ll get used to it. So, buy this target darts set and improve your game.

If these darts small for you, check this generation two darts.


  • Great barrel
  • Outstanding design


  • Small size


Target Darts Daytona Fire Darts Review

51NBI2eOa8L. AC SX250 - DartsFella

Target Darts Daytona Fire Darts

Weight: 21g, 22g, 23g, 24g, 26g
Color: Black & Blue
Barrel Material: Tungsten (95%)
Tip type: Steel
Front grip level: 9

Another great target darts product for front grippers. These darts come in a complete set with extra shafts and flights.

Target Daytona fire darts are made of high-quality 95% tungsten and offer an enduring performance as well longevity. Also, this Daytona fire GT got a sophisticated grip that makes it more suitable for the front grip throwers; works great for middle grippers too. In addition, the storm dart points provide an extra finger grip.

The packaging contains extra shafts (titanium carbon) and Daytona fire flights.

At first, I thought the price was a bit higher but, after unboxing and using my opinion completely changed; the price is reasonable. Thus, get this target Daytona fire gt darts and throw darts comfortably.


  • Stylish design
  • Extra shafts and flights


  • Bit pricey


Harrows Paragon Darts Review

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Harrows Paragon Darts

Weight: 18g, 20g
Color: Black & Blue
Barrel Material: Tungsten (90%)
Tip type: Soft
Front grip level: 8

For electronic dartboard users, the harrows paragon darts are highly preferable. These top-quality tungsten-made darts provide tremendous performance and great durability. Plus, these soft tip darts also have strong shafts (supergrip carbon) and awesome paragon flights.

The barrel goes through two coating phases which makes the dart more stunning. Here, the match of the darts is weighed to +/- 0.05g.

The unique grip design makes it perfect for middle grip and front grips throwers. Matter of fact, we used these darts on various electronic dartboards especially on the gran boards and it hits perfectly every time.

Waste no time, order the harrows paragon darts right away and enjoy all the darts games on your electronic board with great consistency.


  • Excellent design
  • Cheap


  • None


Unicorn Gary Anderson Darts Review

71lrrbmfwRL. AC SX250 - DartsFella

Unicorn Gary Anderson Darts

Weight: 23g
Color: Blue
Barrel Material: Tungsten (90%)
Tip type: Steel
Front grip level: 7

This unicorn dart product is endorsed by the famous dart player Gary Anderson.

These darts got solid 90% tungsten-made 52.3mm length barrel, world champion shaft, and ‘plus’ shape flights. Here, the 2 blue rings at front of the barrel represent Gary’s world championship number. The guaranteed weight of these darts is up to ± 0.1g.

The manufacturer follows Gary Anderson’s barrel design making the darts an ideal choice for front grippers.

While throwing we noticed, these darts fly quite predictably and stick so well to the dart board; the reason behind – the five grooves steel points. The only downside is the tips are pretty average.

So, get this insane dart case within an excellent deal and enjoy flawless darting.


  • Grippy
  • Long shafts
  • Cheap


  • Low-quality tips
  • No spare items


Front grippers require to pull the darts rather than push. So, they need darts that have a good front grip or front weighted darts. Besides, front grip darts result in higher accuracy, consistent release, and better gaming. Acknowledge all facts, here we’ve selected and categorized the best front grip darts. So, pick the most ideal darts from above and take full advantage of the grip.

Additional Questions

What darts do the pros use in 2023?

How can I find the best darts for my use?

To find the darts that will best suit your playing style, you will need to test and evaluate various factors such as the weight, shape, material, and balance of the dart. For instance, lighter darts are typically easier to throw and control but may require a more accurate throw to hit the target. Heavier darts, on the other hand, can provide better stability in flight but might be harder to throw for some players. Other things to consider are the shape of the dart’s barrel, which can affect how the dart feels in your hand and how it flies and the material the dart is made out of, as different materials can have different weights and feel different in the hand. Overall, the best dart for you will likely be a combination of these factors that you find most comfortable and that are the best match for your unique throwing style.

What is the maximum weight for a soft tip dart?

The heaviest weight allowed for soft tip darts by major governing bodies is **50 grams**. This includes the weight of the dart’s barrel, flight, and shaft. Most players, however, opt to use soft tip darts that weigh between 16 and 20 grams – significantly lighter than their steel tip equivalents.

How do I choose a dart grip that’s right for me?

Identifying the most comfortable dart grip for you is a personal process. A useful exercise is to pretend a pencil or a marker pen is a dart and then determine what grip feels best. If your grip is compact, with three contact points (two fingers and thumb) close together, a shorter or stocky barrel might be the better choice. Additionally, if your grip is closer to the front of the dart, opting for a forward-weighted dart could be beneficial.

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