2023’s Best Mid-Grip Darts: Top 5 for Perfect Balance

Dartsfella, read this article to know about the best darts for middle grip.

Darts come in a variety of shapes and barrels. The barrel design of a dart indicates its grip suitability with the thrower. In general, almost all dart barrels suit middle grippers. However, it gets complicated and confusing when picking the best darts set. Here, after comparing many darts performance, balance, and grippiness we’ve listed the best darts for middle grip: target rvb 95 gen 2 darts, red dragon peter wright snakebite vyper darts, bottelsen hammer head devastators darts, harrows avanti darts, red dragon scorpions darts.

So, check the reviews below and select the best one according to your preference.

Best darts for middle grip; A Quick List Below

DartsKey FeaturesPurchase🛒
Top PickTarget RVB 95 Gen 2 DartsTrapezoidal Grip
Runners upRED DRAGON Peter Wright Snakebite Vyper DartsProto-420 grip
NitroTech shafts
Editor’s choiceBottelsen Hammer Head Devastators DartsCoarse knurl barrel
Spinning shaft
Best Soft Tip DartsHarrows Avanti Darts7 grip zones
Carbon Shafts
Budget pickRed Dragon Scorpions DartsMid ringed grips
rident points

Best darts for middle grip Reviews


Target RVB 95 Gen 2 Darts Review

61CCQ4ooG8L. AC SX250 - DartsFella

Target RVB 95 Gen 2 Darts

Weight: 21g, 25g
Color: Gold, Silver, and Black
Barrel material: Tungsten (95%)
Tip type: Steel
Middle grip level: 9

The Target RVB 95 generation 2 darts are endorsed by the famous Dutch dartist Raymond Van Barneveld.

These premium quality 95% tungsten-made darts come with an awesome barrel design. The barrels coating involves a lavish gold and black titanium nitride which works as great protection. In addition, the trapezoidal grip of the barrel provides an enhanced grip and good center balance makes it perfect for middle grippers. Furthermore, these darts are consist of black firepoint, ghost flights, and pro grip shafts.

Thus, buy this target darts special edition and bang with every throw.

Our experience: These darts feel pretty good in hand also, give a solid performance, and strongly stick in the dartboard. After a while, I consistently throw darts with good accuracy.


  • Stylish
  • Excellent grip
  • Well balanced barrel


  • No extra shafts or flights


RED DRAGON Peter Wright Snakebite Vyper Darts Review

81P PgmuML. AC SX250 - DartsFella

RED DRAGON Peter Wright Snakebite Vyper Darts

Weight: 24g
Color: Multi
Barrel Material: Tungsten (90%)
Tip type: Steel
Middle grip level: 8.5

This red dragon product specifically follows the current PDC world champion Peter Wright aka “Snakebite” darts pattern. Along with a gorgeous barrel design, these darts are well-built with 90% tungsten. The straight barrel got V10 mill-cut with reverse groove grip and perfectly balanced for middle grip throwers.

The darts set included spare snakebite hardcore flights and nitro tech shafts. So, purchase this red dragon peter wright snakebite vyper darts and hit bullseyes.

Our experience: Grippy darts with exceptional handling. Also, the barrels were very mid-balanced and flights fly with predictability. Felt nice to throw.


  • Exceptional handling
  • Reasonable price


  • None


Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastators Darts Review

61NBs5wLw L. AC SY250 - DartsFella

Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastators Darts Review

Weight: 23g, 25g, 27g
Color: Black
Barrel Material: Tungsten (95%)
Tip type: Steel
Middle grip level: 8

Bottelsen hammer head devastators darts are among the top standard darts. These darts are made of high-quality 95% tungsten material and give a top-notch performance. Here, the coarse knurl on the barrel provides extra center grip. In addition, the aluminum shaft got an o-ring.

With a repointing tool, the steel tip is replaceable with a soft tip point. This means you can play darts on both bristle and electronic dartboards with these very same darts.

The darts set comes in an insane Croco case. Inside the package, with 3 darts two extra sets of shafts and flights are included. Hence, order these USA-made darts and enjoy darting with accuracy.

Our experience: The barrel grip was great but the tip was a bit poor. So, I changed the tips with other steel tips also tried with soft tips; worked really well.


  • Knurled grip
  • Convertible points


  • Flimsy tips


Harrows Avanti Darts Review

51zApFMr9DL. AC SX250 - DartsFella

Harrows Avanti Darts

Weight: 18g, 20g
Color: Black, Green, and Silver
Barrel Material: Tungsten (90%)
Tip type: Soft
Middle grip level: 7

For soft tip middle grippers, the harrows avanti darts are an absolute choice. These darts got top-standard tungsten barrels, avanti flights, supergrip shafts, and durable tips.

The barrel has a unique grip design which is divided into seven zones and various cutting shapes; resulting in a stunning look. As the barrel is balanced at the mid-section, these darts are ideal for middle grippers; fine for front and rear grippers too. Here, the match of the darts is weighed to ± 0.05 gm.

Purchase this eye-catching harrows darts edition right away and play darts on your electronic dart board.

Our experience: Except, shafts everything on these darts was perfect.


  • Mid-balanced barrel
  • Grippy


  • Cheap shafts


Red Dragon Scorpions Darts Review

815Ht7eedtL. AC SX250 - DartsFella

Red Dragon Scorpions Darts

Weight: 21g, 25g
Color: Multi
Barrel material: Tungsten (85%)
Tip type: Steel
Middle grip level: 8.5

Another great Red Dragon product comes at a low cost.

Red dragon scorpions darts offer the finest 85% tungsten material built barrel which also got very unique grip technology at the middle section. Plus, the mid-balance is just perfect, especially for the mid-grip throwers. Moreover, these darts consist of nitro tech aluminum shafts, hardcore flights, and strong steel tips.

Packaging involves 1 set of darts and a few extra flights however, no spare shafts are included.

Waste no time, order the red dragon scorpions darts at an inexpensive price and take the most advantage of the grip to improve your game.

Our experience: Perfect weight and super grippy. Also, flying behavior was good. Had fun while throwing these darts.


  • Easy to throw
  • Good value


  • No extra stems

The final verdict

According to your need choose the ideal darts set from above. But, while selecting keep in mind that, the dart should be central-balanced and provide you the most grip as well comfortable. Also, check darts specification, quality, design, price range, etc.

Overall, the target rvb 95 gen 2 darts are highly preferable. However, go for the dart which suits you the most.

I hope this article on the best darts for middle grip was helpful for you. Thank you for reading. Happy darting.

Additional Questions

What are the finest darts you can purchase?

Many factors, such as materials, weight, and shape, influence the quality and performance of a dart, making it difficult to pinpoint the “best” dart. Preference plays a significant role; what works perfectly for one may not for another. It is, however, advisable to pick darts made from durable and lightweight material like tungsten, which offers exceptional grip and balance.

Are professional players known to use soft tip darts?

Indeed, a multitude of professional dart players have been known to use soft tip darts. It’s fairly usual for them to select darts that have a tungsten barrel and weigh in at around 20 grams. The prime choice for choosing tungsten is that it’s superior in terms of offering a nice grip and balance, while being lightweight and durable at the same time.

How can I discover the perfect dart set for myself?

Just as every person is unique, so is the ideal dart for each individual. There truly isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” answer for the perfect dart set. It requires understanding your playing style, grip style and personal preferences. It’s helpful to try out different weights, materials, and shapes before making a final choice. Experimentation is key in finding your perfect set.

How should I decide the appropriate weight of my darts?

Choosing dart weight largely relies on comfort and convenience. A common weight range for newcomers to the sport falls between 16 to 26 grams, which is an ideal starting point. It’s recommended to play a few games with diverse weights to learn which you are most comfortable with. While contemporary rules allow dart weights to reach up to 50 grams, professionals normally stick within the popular range.

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